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In doing so, Scanavino also transgresses the tradition of painting as a discreet and contained object.
This comes approximately a year after Advocate Shamila Batoyi, director of public prosecution in this province, said the matter should be investigated because there was 'definite testimony' that the selling of the herb transgresses a few articles in the Health Professions Act.
Among this bestiary, Prix is perceptive about Philip Johnson; less than convincing about globalised economics which he calls turbo-capitalism, a term that may sound hip in Austrian; and likes: architecture that threatens, has an emotive charge, transgresses norms, sticks out a lot, and Zaha.
Someone who gets into a car driven by a stranger transgresses.
Candleflowerdance, which Morris dedicated to the late Susan Sontag, knows its limits and never transgresses.
He transgresses the boundary between physics and metaphysics by discussing divine agency (in chapter 3): he suggests that in light of natural law, God chooses to limit himself with respect to creation (p.
If one of our players transgresses,he's off or booked.