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The letter further said that the Sindh government summary was pending with CCI urging it to direct ECC to stop transgressing into its domain and rescind all such decisions and place them before CCI for consideration, deliberation and decision.
The circular further added that in case the police officers are seen transgressing their authority in violation of election code of conduct they should immediately be placed under suspension and charge sheeted for major penalty.
I can imagine his reaction if someone brought before the courts for transgressing the council's rules on littering, for example, argued that they didn't agree with the rules.
Should a rider be found guilty of transgressing the whip rules then I believe the punishment should be much stronger.
It is time the army stopped defending the actions of rogue soldiers - thousands go about their duties without ever transgressing the law.
Foucault thought that he was carrying out such a Nietzschean project by perpetually restructuring reality, transgressing it and redefining it.
He also accused authorities of transgressing Islamic precepts.
So Sokal was--briefly--a hero in cultural studies circles, for transgressing the boundary from his side of the border.
Beyond demonstrating that, despite being "the most volatile constituent of culture," most Americans are not equipped to talk intelligently about any of the world's major religions, he attempts to explain why that is and provides suggestions for addressing the subject in schools without transgressing the First Amendment.
They elicit fear and desire and a "vertiginous excess of meaning" where physical space and psychic space collide, transgressing culturally constructed "ideas" of what is permissible-traditional, normal and/or natural--and, therefore, not monstrous.
It becomes incumbent on a spiritual aspirant then to refrain from transgressing Dharma (Righteousness) and also to atone for his misdeeds committed knowingly or unknowingly.
That would no doubt hurt politicians more than the current slap-on-the-wrist fines and cause them to think twice the next time they consider transgressing the city's ethics laws.