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Transgressing: to analyse what youths and authorities in each city consider to be transgressive in both digital and physical public spaces and why.
In a frequently cited article published in this journal in 2007, Gould defined "transgressive sanctity" as "a particular form of religiosity that is constituted through its violation of the secular codes of colonialism." (3) Gould's 2007 article, however, was less concerned with a precise definition of transgressive sanctity than with an excavation of the representations of the abrek (social bandit) in Caucasian literatures.
Humor's transgressive nature can enable it to perform knowledge's highest task: to question what we think we know.
Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer ascertains that married nuns and monks in the early Reformation were met with official ambivalence and viewed by society as transgressive; married monastics accordingly suffered from financial insecurity and loss of social status, despite the Protestant theological promotion of marriage.
One of the most prominent examples of a prospective transgressive union in this volume is discussed by Daniel Riches.
Author Mattias Frey presents readers with an examination transgressive art films.
Luebke (Professor of History at the University of Oregon) and Mary Lindemann (Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida) "Mixed Matches: Transgressive Unions in Germany from the Reformation to the Enlightenment" is a compendium of eleven major scholarly articles by experts.
(3) However, my use of the term "transgression" in this chapter is related more to the discrete genre of "transgressive fiction," which continues in the tradition of the Marquis de Sade, William Burroughs, Henry Miller, and others by shocking, provoking, and offending many of its readers.
KELLY + VICTOR Film4 11.20PM PREMIERE Antonia Campbell-Hughes is feeling loved up after Liverpool art gallery visits - for extreme and transgressive sex.
Everything is New has been created by Transgressive North and includes two music releases - Edinburgh group Marram's album Sun Choir and BOATS, an album made up of various acts.
The transgressive Iain Banks; essays on a writer beyond borders.