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Luebke (Professor of History at the University of Oregon) and Mary Lindemann (Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida) "Mixed Matches: Transgressive Unions in Germany from the Reformation to the Enlightenment" is a compendium of eleven major scholarly articles by experts.
Jamie Chambers, a filmmaker and member of trio Marram, is an artistic director at Transgressive North and travelled to India to sample the children's voices, which would then be sent to musicians from around the world.
An attraction to transgressive memory still lurks in the installation Occupations, 2010, for example, in which the artist disputatiously recycles infamous earlier images (and a title)--those of the 1969 series "Besetzungen" (Occupations), depicting the oxymoronic Hitlergru[beta], or "Heil Hitler.
Kieran Cashell operates with theories emerging from post-structuralism (Foucault, Bataille, Kristeva, Mulvey), which she productively amalgamates with recent theories of transgression (Jenks, Julius) (1) in order to justify her argument that transgressive art can be used as a framework to investigate yBa art practises.
Of all the thinkers who begin with the war of all against all, Kant is the closest in conception to levinas--and Derrida's essay includes a long comparison of Levinas's and Kant's transgressive politics.
The first of these Parts takes us to the Ancien Regime to revisit transgressive acts of peasants and witches.
In an uptight First World, it was wonderfully, riotously transgressive.
Lea Pool's sturdily assembled and emotionally captivating adaptation of Susan Swan's novel The Wives of Bath, called Lost and Delirious, also treads on the marginal terrain of transgressive uncertainty: it's the story of one teenage girl's near-operatic breakdown when she is rejected by a fellow student at a leafy boarding school.
64) Although "the ruler of Basra" has been mocked and criticized in other parts of the poem, the transgressive employment of the obscene here lends this mockery a particular rhetorical sting.
However, the ghost of Foucault--severe, transgressive, monumental--implicitly raises the ominous issue of the disappearance or death of the author.
Attendees receive instruction in applying sequence stratigraphy to a number of systems, including transgressive shorelines in the Green River Basin, incised valleys in SE Colorado and lowstand tracts in the Anadarko Basin.
Transgressive transcripts; gender and sexuality in contemporary Chinese Canadian women's writing.