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7) Hence in Passion, the gender ambiguous figure of Satan, a character symbolizing evil, is intended to reinforce rather than challenge the interpretation of queer identities as transgressively "wrong," particularly when juxtaposed with carefully constructed traditionally gendered and sexualized "good" characters who are presented as heroes and heroines, such as Pilate, his wife Claudia, Simon the Cyrene, and Seraphia (a character known in tradition as Veronica).
8) Picking up on Mellor's observation that the poem transgressively relocates the future of imperial power outside of Great Britain, Penny Bradshaw has suggested that Eighteen Hundred and Eleven manages to be simultaneously a dystopia (about England's future) and a utopia (about the future of the new world).
The Bakacak Formation is transgressively (Boztug 1992) overlain by grey-white, thick-bedded quartzite with conglomeratic horizons and represents the eastward extension of the Aydos Formation of the Istanbul area (Kaya 1978).
Hammer, who offers the most thoroughgoing and sensitive readings of intersubjectivity in Cranes work, notes: "The codes and conditions of male homosexual fellowship inform Crane's projection of a relation between reader and poet that is not properly sexual, perhaps, but peculiarly, even transgressively intimate, secretive, and physical" (159).
Nonetheless, I am reluctant to assume that the category is straightforwardly reactionary on the basis that it is intolerant of greater gender plurality, since the problem with advocacy of the latter as such is that it continues to identify particular traits as either masculine or feminine in the first place, and thereby to collude, however transgressively, with these forms of reification.
highlights the monstrosity of systems of law, religion and family", as well as the "fears about the existence of both natural and artificial mechanisms that not only exceed the boundaries of a humanised world but emerge, transgressively and destructively, from uncontrollable desires and imaginings in the individual mind".
Perhaps transgressively, the yellow tubs could contain dirty laundry, for example, or paper waste.
The investigation by the three Belgians was thus not into the communicative circuitry of the postal system, with its code of secrecy and one-to-one exchange, but, much more transgressively, into that of rumor in the public arena.
There is no indication as to who chose the title for this posthumous collection (Schwartz died in 1993, and much of her work has been published posthumously by the Instituto Moreira Salles, which archives and controls the bulk of artistic photography in Brazil), but it is an apt title, because the focus of Schwartz's images is not on the finished product (although there is much of that), but on the process of becoming, which is, one might stress, the essence of the performative ideology of Dzi Croquettes: not static images, but those in the process of forming; not static identities, but those in the process of organization; not anchored signs, but those in the process of inserting themselves transgressively and in a destablizing fashion in otherwise unquestioned semiotic systems.
Queer orality as well queer fetishism-embodied by those gloved, transgressively roving hands-signal a return to perversity that has implications for sexuality generally.
I aim to show here that John can only reject the patriarchal Gabriel-God because of the transgressively simultaneous religious and erotic ecstasy that Elisha helps him to experience during his conversion.
The real narrative in this film wanders even more transgressively away from the Austen-esque on Mills and Boone matrimony plot line -- so much so that websites covering it have trouble even summarising the plot accurately.