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The transgressor, regardless of his or her behavior, must have an opportunity to share his or her side of the story.
In this context, the transgressor and victim play an important role in the promotion of forgiveness within the victim as well as in the potential reconciliation between the victim and the offender.
The findings show that the extent to which a transgressor offered conciliatory gestures to their victims was directly proportional to the extent to which those victims forgave over time.
Each one was evaluated on an 11-point scale, where zero indicated that the explanation totally failed to explain the transgressor's behavior and where 10 indicated that such behavior was fully explained.
BEIRUT: Israel is not the only transgressor violating Lebanon's airspace.Farmers and city-dwellers alike were taken by surprise over the weekend when flights of locusts descended on parts of the Lebanese coast, from Tyre in the south to Tripoli in the north.
In other words, Muslims are ordered to fight, to defend themselves, but they should not be transgressors, for transgressors are hated by Allah.
Really, everyone in Cooper's "France" is a victim and transgressor; everyone a movie fiat behind whom yawns a chamber of horrors in which we are given grisly license to work out what we love and how best to love (and so consume) it.
"Even when we cannot ourselves forgive a transgressor," Wilfred M.
The profile of the environmental transgressor also contributes to the difficulty in distinguishing between legal and illegal anti-environmental behavior.
She describes the nature and scope of the problem and describes what to do if one uncovers violations, including helping the victim with recovery and providing therapy for the transgressor. She also gives advice on prevention.
The amassed weight of the international community would be put upon a transgressor state--again, a primary design of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Gospel reading begins a series of stories that Donald Juel says all tell us that Jesus is a "transgressor of boundaries" (Mark [Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1990], 23).