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Thus, little is known about the experience of the transgressor after committing an offense.
The findings show that the extent to which a transgressor offered conciliatory gestures to their victims was directly proportional to the extent to which those victims forgave over time.
And the nature of their consequences, sanctions, transgressors, and victims is a contributing factor (Martin & Hernandez, 2008).
BEIRUT: Israel is not the only transgressor violating Lebanon's airspace.
Recalling the true meanings of guilt and forgiveness, McClay believes, may help us remember that they are concerned with "the soul of the transgressor and the well-being of society, and not merely with the forgiver's good health and his sweet psychological revenge.
According to these studies, transgressor accounts are used in social interaction to reduce conflict (Schonbach, 1990), for self-presentation purposes (McLaughlin, Cody, Dickson, & Manusov, 1992), and as a way to avoid punishment (Itoi, Ohbuchi, & Fukuno, 1996).
The male transgressor was attributed significantly lower social status compared to the female transgressor (5.
Bennett took the standard route of every transgressor who has always considered himself above criticism: First he denied that he had done anything wrong; then he promised to stop doing it.
At the first sign a competitor is using a company's data, the violated company should notify the transgressor of impending action.
The first element of the training - detection and interception of transgressor speed-boats - was performed when the ships were sailing out of the Kola Bay.
Should the transgressor win the race or the transgressor lose the race?