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But the fall in prosecutions could also be down to the police simply not being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to catch many transgressors.
The new e-system has the facility to alert owners of trademarks to know the results of their cases and the violations recorded against transgressors without the need to visit the department.
May Allah remove the fear of any being other than Allah, especially the fear of the barbaric transgressors and oppressors, from their hearts.
A case in point is Mankweng in the Limpopo Province, where a number of small business owners have been found to be connecting illegally and in some instances even going as far as colluding with certain contractors tasked by Eskom to disconnect transgressors.
The study of forgiveness has flourished in recent years, but little is known about how transgressors respond when their request for forgiveness is denied.
He said everyone should confront all criminal transgressors who want to prey on the security of people.
Damascus, SANA -- The Cabinet on Tuesday approved the law of supply and internal trade which includes strict penalties and fines imposed on transgressors.
Because of the 14th Amendment, we are all guaranteed equal protection under the law, which also means we are all subject to it, all except for the millions of undocumented transgressors who the president has placed above the law.
Later, those who forgave their transgressors recalled fewer details of the scenarios.
Tahir-ul-Qadri claimed that the transgressors would rush to ultimate doom and the termination of their rule, in case they unleash injustices.
City and fellow transgressors Paris Saint-Germain are also set to be fined and told to make a cut in the number of players in their 25-strong squads for the Champions League.