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TRANSHIPMENT, mar. law. The act of taking the cargo out of one ship and loading it in another.
     2. When this is done from necessity, it does not affect the liability of an insurer on the goods. 1 Marsh. Ins. 166; Abbott on Ship. 240. But when the master tranships goods without necessity, he is answerable for the loss of them by capture by public enemies. 1 Gallis. R. 443.

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Mohammed Sharaf, chief executive officer, DP World said: "Today's opening of India's first transhipment terminal and gateway hub is an historic event.
However, it is the transhipment business we are focussing on to grow.
This option considered the delivery of iron ore concentrate by river barge directly to the OGV vessel for transhipment.
It hopes to transform Mutsamudu into a transhipment port thanks to its strategic position in the middle of the Mozambique channel.
Nepal has been demanding that India simplify transhipment rules for Nepal-bound cargoes by moving the goods immediately to the country s border upon their arrival at Kolkata port.
h)Economics of providing mainline versus transhipment services on selected key routes
Ananda Chandra Bose, the idea is to become one of the biggest transhipment hubs in the south having a 16-18 meters draught to accommodate large vessels.
Parts of the contract also includes six parcels on / transhipment and transport offered to the combined current packaging.
Lot 2 transhipment of untreated municipal bulky waste (1000 tons / year)
To reduce India's dependence on Colombo and Singapore ports for handling cargo traffic, the Narendra Modi government is planning to build a mega transhipment hub at a cost of over Rs 5,000 crore
EITU-1135555 covered under transhipment cargo destined for Lahore under safe transportation cargo.
Minister Kamran Michael said that this first transhipment hub is aimed at creating 5000 job opportunities and billions in taxes for the Government.