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TRANSHIPMENT, mar. law. The act of taking the cargo out of one ship and loading it in another.
     2. When this is done from necessity, it does not affect the liability of an insurer on the goods. 1 Marsh. Ins. 166; Abbott on Ship. 240. But when the master tranships goods without necessity, he is answerable for the loss of them by capture by public enemies. 1 Gallis. R. 443.

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This was the third such case where the goods were being pilferage from transhipment cargo destined for upcountry in the last few months.
He applauded the efforts being made by PIFFA for the establishment of Transhipment Hubs, Cargo Villages in Pakistan and for the establishment of PIFFA Logistics Academy for the benefit of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies, allied stakeholders and general public.
Such transhipment zones can reduce the cost of imported or exported goods resulting in significant savings to the industry and the exchequer.
In addition toreducingfuelconsumption,easing roadcongestion andreducing accident rates,the transhipment service will create new employment opportunities for the residents of the Suez Canal region," said Ahmed ElSharkawy, managing director of Citadel Capital, which has an effective ownership stake of 37.
The 20,000t self-propelled and self-unloading ocean going barge will be capable of transferring the concentrate to a floating transhipment storage facility in the Gulf of Guinea approximately 33km offshore.
Port traffic continues to increase rapidly on the back of strong consumer demand for imported goods (from cars to electronic goods to foodstuffs), new infrastructure projects being planned in Saudi Arabia and the opening up of new markets in the Upper Gulf being served as transhipments from Dammam, says Naeem Al Naeem, director, King Abdul Aziz Port.
However, it is the transhipment business we are focussing on to grow.
Finnish cargo-handling solutions provider Cargotec Corporation said on Tuesday (28 August) that its Kalmar business area has made an agreement to acquire Advanced Cargo Transhipment B.
Jebel Ali's prodigious transhipment flows were estimated at a total of 4m TEUs in 2002.
Two Trinidadian ports are battling for the Caribbean's fast-growing transhipment business.