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One helpful approach for studying technology transience is periodization.
The anatomical studies of skeletons took on a different meaning for Dadabhoy as she was forced to ponder on mortality and the transience of life.
Thus, this study identifies potential pathways from length of time homeless to arrest activity by exploring transience, substance use disorder, and survival strategies as potential mediating factors.
Let us transcend our present eraaan era trapped in the trivia and transience of the media, which know nothing of wisdom and courage and of national pride and purpose.
I'm not sure whose translation Charles Wright was reading, but, by singling out the third line, he has stripped away the conversation between two people and foregrounded luminous transience.
In adding to this distinguished continuum, we see it as a gentle riposte to the prevailing culture of transience and shallowness.
I tend to feel happiness is an incomprehensible emotion without unhappiness and that the nature of happiness as well as its attractiveness lies in its transience - so putting it as a central educational principle seems a little unproductive.
Instability in care replicated children's experiences within their birth families and reinforced perceptions of transience.
No wisdom prepares us for the transience of life, nothing can ease its impermanence.
Arrogantly playing Russian roulette with his own charmed life, he was the first sobering lesson in the transience of celebrity.
Some of us have started to get accustomed to the transience of yesterday and of today, and perhaps of today, and we have forgotten that a settlement is not just a desire but a necessary process if we are to ensure both the present and the future of our people.