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Development of the transient battery was supported by funding from Iowa State's Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research and the department of mechanical engineering.
Thereafter, methods of calculating the fuel consumption with higher accuracy by including correction for the fuel consumption based on the transient characteristics of individual engines were considered in order to propose an alternative to conventional method in each area.
The analysis of the experimental data obtained by several motive-power depot of industrial railway transport allows to state that within 10-12 operating hours of a shunting locomotive the switching number n of control notches (of transient processes) can reach 2500.
In addition, 38% of major bleeds among patients with transient risk factors occurred during the first 3 months of anticoagulation therapy.
As the technology develops, Montazami sees more and more potential for the commercial application of transient materials.
In some previous researches, the endpoint of transient signal has not been detected.
Transient and steady state flow modeling of centrifugal compressors, pipeline systems and other fluid transient responses are performed with a variety of one-dimensional and three-dimensional fluid dynamic codes.
Although transient cortical blindness is a known complication of cerebral and vertebral angiography with occurrence rate as high as 1% to 4%, it is very rare after angiography of coronary arteries and bypass grafts.
The Zoning Resolution distinguishes between transient hotels, on the one hand, and residential buildings and apartment hotels, on the other hand.
Hence Wavelet has advantages over traditional Fourier Transfor in analyzing accurately the power system transient phenomena where signals contain low power frequency and transient such as discontinuities, sags and sharp spikes.
The results are compared to emphasize transient analysis as a better choice for the pipeline designer.