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Parvovirus-B19 is the causative agent of various forms of hematologic diseases, among which transient aplastic crisis in patients with underlying hemolytic anemia, chronic hypoplastic anemia-PRC aplasia in immunocompromised patients and hydrops fetalis in pregnant women are the most common.
In sickle cell disease and other hereditary and acquired hemolytic anemias, acute B19 infection results in transient aplastic crisis, in which hemoglobin levels fall precipitously, anemia becomes life threatening, and congestive heart failure may ensue.
MedImmune believes a successful B19 parvovirus vaccine could be used both to immunize women entering their child-bearing years to protect them from experiencing B19 parvovirus-induced miscarriages and to vaccinate children with sickle cell anemia to protect them against transient aplastic crisis.

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