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By transiently transfecting the luciferase construct into zebrafish liver cells, we showed that this regulatory region was functional in the zebrafish system and was induced in response to TCDD, a potent AhR ligand.
We conducted initial experiments to characterize the hormone responsiveness of the transiently transfected PEPCK-Luc construct in this system.
In a healthy, elderly person, a 16-ounce beverage will transiently raise pressure by about 11 mm Hg.
PENZBERG, Germany -- Transfection is a way to transiently or permanently deliver nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells to study functional effects in response to altered gene expression and for protein production.
A prominent example of this coordination is found in the gastrulation of amniotes, where Brachyury (Bra), a transcription factor, is synchronously and transiently expressed in a localized population, the Primitive Streak (PS).
The company is also researching small molecule compounds that transiently activate telomerase in senescent cells to restore cell function for the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.
We will follow the time course of structural changes in response to cues that affect gene expression either permanently or transiently.
At present, acute pancreatitis is usually detected by CT of the abdomen, which is expensive, or serum amylase assays, which need to be conducted by a laboratory, are only transiently positive, and are not as accurate as the urine trypsinogren-2 test.
We will focus on the glycine betaine ABC importer, which is one of the most complex transporters known to date with ten distinct protein domains, transiently interacting with each other.
Cells transiently transfected using the MaxCyte STX have been shown to perform equivalently to stably transfected cells in cell-based assays.
Many of the factors associate with RNAPII weakly and transiently, and the association is dictated by different post-translational modification patterns and conformational changes of the CTD.
These transiently transfected cells have been shown to perform equivalently to stably transfected cells in cell based assays.