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TRANSIRE, Eng. law. A warrant for the custom-house to let goods pass: a permit. (q.v.) See, for a form of a transire, Harg. L. Tr. 104.

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and Transire, and is the first firm to create a book selling distribution channel in the beauty and nail salon industry.
De quibus Hieronymus: 'Ad patriam tendentes, debemus mortiferos Sirenarum cantus surda aure transire,' obturando aures sicut aspis, eas pice liniendo cum Ulysse et sociis eius.
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CHICAGO -- Amazon emails a 'Shipping Confirmation' to each customer within a few minutes of processing an order for Transire.
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18 Seneca's comment on his frequent quotation of Epicurus - "for indeed I am used to going over to the enemy's camp, not as a deserter, but as a spy" ("soleo enim et in aliena castra transire, non tamquam transfuga, sed tamquam explorator," Epistulae morales 2.
Si sunt accidentia: menti a corpore infundi ac locali quodam motu e corpore in mentem transire nequeunt; accidentia enim e subiecto non migrant in subiectum ([sections].
In the short preface to the Icones section of the Recueil, Jodelle tells us (in Latin) that he decided to include his libellum of would-be "inscriptions" dedicated to the "heroes and heroines of our time," even though it is still unfinished, in order to blend Latin and French (contrary to the Pleiade's trumpeted practice), so that the Inscriptions "ad exteras nationes transire possint,"(43) may reach the foreign nations.