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It will meet the moon four days after its discharge, precisely at midnight on the 4th of December, at the moment of its transit across the zenith.
Little was said by either party in the carriage during our short transit homewards; but when I had entered my room and thrown myself into an easy- chair, to reflect on the events of the day, my aunt followed me thither, and having dismissed Rachel, who was carefully stowing away my ornaments, closed the door; and placing a chair beside me, or rather at right angles with mine, sat down.
The rapid transit is poetry and art: the moon but a tedious, dry body, moving by rote.
The two sides change goals, and the School- house goal-keepers come threading their way across through the masses of the School, the most openly triumphant of them-- amongst whom is Tom, a School-house boy of two hours' standing-- getting their ears boxed in the transit.
We used to go swimmin' after school down to Sandy Beach on the marsh, an' in the Transit slip where they said the water was sixty feet deep, only it wasn't.
In short, the distaste of the worthy naturalist for beef was not unlike that which the shepherd sometimes produces, by first muzzling and fettering his delinquent dog, and then leaving him as a stepping stone for the whole flock to use in its transit over a wall, or through the opening of a sheep-fold; a process which is said to produce in the culprit a species of surfeit, on the subject of mutton, for ever after.
As it comprised two varieties of stage-coach travelling, which, with those I have already glanced at, comprehend the main characteristics of this mode of transit in America, I will take the reader as our fellow-passenger, and pledge myself to perform the distance with all possible despatch.
As for his dejection, I certainly did not hear his laugh ringing from the vestry as usual, nor his voice loud in hilarious discourse; though I did hear it uplifted in rating the sexton in a manner that made the congregation stare; and, in his transits to and from the pulpit and the communion-table, there was more of solemn pomp, and less of that irreverent, self-confident, or rather self-delighted imperiousness with which he usually swept along--that air that seemed to say, 'You all reverence and adore me, I know; but if anyone does not, I defy him to the teeth
By way of example, a medium sized (4-5 story) transit village would add $739 million to the local tax base, which represents an increase of 30 percent.
Villaraigosa wants to have hundreds of parcels rezoned within the next year to facilitate construction of high-density residential projects in locations that would encourage the use of public transit, aides say.
Surveys show that people would take public transit if it were in place and efficient.
But the transit loomed bright enough for Hoffleit to enjoy.