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Morpholineaments of combined type flank marginal parts of the Bohemian-Moravian and Brno Highlands toward surrounding depressions, are frequent in southern section of the Boskovice Furrow and its transitional zone (TZ--zone between end of BF and outcrop of Diendorf fault) to Diendorf fault and, especially, in many transversal zones within all major topographical segments.
Study communities in the Forest-Savannah Transitional zone served as an important food hub for the country; hence there was a wide range of ASF in the markets including many varieties of bush meats [4].
In Figure 5 the oxide and transitional zones are shown as green from 0 to 38 metres downhole.
When intruding into the main metal (cast iron) in the transitional zone (the heat affect zone) the crack meets inside defects: pores, nonmetallic insertions (Fig.
In addition, advantages/disadvantages of transitional zone and seminal vesicle biopsies, and complications related with the procedure itself are discussed.
The objectives of this investigation was to measure the impact of the range of precipitation regimes potentially associated with climate change on soil moisture, soil temperature and plant growth in alfisol soil of the humid forest transitional zone of South western Nigeria.
Lying south of the Sahara, the Sahel is a vast, semi-arid region that forms a transitional zone between the desert and dry tropical climates.
The proposed IJTAG standard adds the other configuration options by calling for instructions from the JTAG TAP controller to be processed by gateway elements in the instrument access or transitional zone.
In the course of numerous investigations of quality of the transitional zone metal and branch pipes, melted on bodies of NPP equipment from 22K steel, it was registered that on this steel as well full restoration of the metal properties in the overheating zone is achieved after normalization with tempering.
ECBR is a highly heterogeneous region of the Sierra Madre Oriental located in a transitional zone where tropical elements coexist with those of temperate origins.