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One of the most interesting arguments is the volume's premise that the 1990s with their transitionary and seemingly unrestricted cultural possibilities have at this point become an object of nostalgia, a phenomenon Katrina Sark describes as a longing for "Berlin Babylon" in her chapter about the tensions between the "wild years" immediately after unification and the city's current struggle to strike a balance between support for the arts and economic viability.
Bunte's case is similar to Chua's chapter in that it provides insight to the internal transitionary process of military regimes.
The FYE17 figures on secured and short-dated debt were transitionary due to the unsecured refinancing exercise being undertaken.
The council is continuing to provide support during a transitionary period before the CIO take over full operation of swimming.
Investors have started to realize it's a real commercial opportunity, and countries that have fossil fuel dependency are more focused on it from a transitionary perspective," he said.
The Sindh representative was off the view that since PPIB and AEDB were undergoing merger, it was recommended that the current MD would be in a better position to manage the affairs and shouldn't be removed from his post during this transitionary period.
He further said that our democratic process is passing through a transitionary phase but continuity of the system is panacea to all the ills that democracy is facing.
He further said that their democratic process was passing through a transitionary phase but continuity of the system was panacea to all the ills that democracy was facing.
After the initial transitionary issues, a new set of professional SME firms could emerge, thus presenting the banks in UAE a big financing opportunity in this space.
Orlando explains: "There was a period of instability when his mum and I were separating and we both made conscious choices that we would be around as much as possible to help that whole transitionary period.
What has been suggested is to introduce a transitionary period whereby the real cost be properly calculated, a critical issue that affects all future planning for companies of all sizes, especially the larger employers such as banks, shipping companies and semi-government utilities (Cyta, EAC, etc.) What is at stake here is jeopardising the future viability of the GESY simply because political parties have promised private sector and civil service trade unions that the bill would be approved prior to the summer recess.