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equity transitions represented 26% of total assets, only non-U.
In the case of Bridges, this additional feature is his assertion that transition starts with endings, not beginnings, the latter being, in his understanding, the result of life and work transitions rather than the instigation of that change.
Prior performance is no guarantee of future performance, as brokers say, so buyers will often be concerned that there is no guarantee that clients will transition to them, remain with the firm or continue to be profitable for the firm.
Four prominent physician executives provided valuable insights about making career transitions from one health care sector into another:
Building on lessons learned from previous acquisition programs, the MSAT ACTD program office has been integrating, from the beginning, both the Operational Test Agent and the Transition Manager into the development process to help make the program a success.
Kasy King recommended that if primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems are involved, transitions should be spread over the three treatment areas separately, instead of all at once.
This seems to be particularly true for early adolescents experiencing several transitions, such as puberty, school change, and changes in family and peer relations (Eccles, 2004).
More history is required to explain those transitions.
As a result, ownership transitions are most often financed with subordinated debt and/or equity in combination with term financing.
In the transition stage, contractions increase in intensity and frequency.
What's more, the simulations delineated a set of pressure and temperature values that marks the transition from the high-density to low-density phases of the supercooled water (SN: 12/5/92, p.
Another major barrier to successful transitions under The Homecoming Project was the lack of appropriate, affordable housing.