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R]) be the fuzzy neutrosophic topological space induced from a fuzzy neutrsophic reflexive and transitive approximation space (U, R), i.
v) = 0, and v is transitive when x [right arrow] y [member of] E(D) for every x [member of] [N.
Therefore, v [right arrow] w is disimplicial in G and, by Theorem 6, (v, w) is transitive in D; in other words D is transitive.
The analysis of Heschel by a Jewish and a Christian author raises a fundamental question today: Would the Muslim other be the locus of transitive concern by Christians and Jews, or can piety be their primary mode of engagement with Muslims?
In Experiment 2, all but one participant (TBN) demonstrated higher accuracies (or faster acquisition) on transitive matching compared to novel, control matching.
As with the transitive together reciprocal alternation, a new entity is implied as a result of the joining.
Transitive motivations are needed to develop an ethical understanding of the mass production process.
This paper sets out to address why non-alternating "se" in transitive contexts is later acquired than the other kinds of non-alternating "se", and why the latter are earlier acquired than alternating "se".
We also have to remember that verbs in themselves are not transitive or intransitive: what is transitive or intransitive is the construction (and sometimes the constructions) of the verb that is being built.
If it is capable of transitive inference, the researchers argued, it would reason that C is weaker than A, so would attack C first.
Originally, graduate was transitive ("he graduated university first in his class").
Q] is the smallest transitive relation containing Q