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On the contrary, the artist composes and modulates the moving transitoriness of reality, unfolding it in a coherent artistic expression.
Anne Goarzin writes that Elizabeth is "confronted both by the transitoriness of existence and by its continuity" and points out that in the end the text seems to have reached a point where Elizabeth's "wonderings" symbolically join "together the world of the living and of the dead, the subject and the object, the banal and the universal" (39).
In Nietzsche's terms, monumental history regards the life of humanity as 'a glorious thing', and celebrates the 'solidarity and continuity of greatness of all ages' as 'a protest against the passing away of generations and the transitoriness of things'.
But the resulting air of transitoriness did not destroy value.
Heraclitus's] affirmation of transitoriness and destruction, the decisive element in dionysian philosophy, affirmation of antithesis and war, becoming with a radical rejection even of the concept of 'being'--in this I must in any event recognize what is most closely related to me of anything that has been though hitherto" (Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is, trans.
Is it to exhibit the fragility and transitoriness of the book in the digital age--an object we have hitherto taken for granted as a means of data storage and processing?
True, the new wine is celebrated in song, but the Wiener Lieder sing so often of dying, funerals, and the transitoriness of life as well as love.
Researcher development is defined both broadly and succinctly as the process whereby people's capacity and willingness to carry out the research components of their work or studies may be considered to be enhanced, with a degree of permanence that exceeds transitoriness.
In the fifth and last chapter, "Creation" a discussion of Rodenbach's L'Art en exil and De Gourmont's Sixtine starts from the apparent inevitability of transitoriness and disintegration, loneliness and contempt of life, and culminates with a reevaluation of art's ability to exorcise failure and to break the confining walls of the self by promoting empathy.
The reproduction of life, the labor of the slaves, and the service of the women went on under the aegis of the master's domination; birth and death took place in its shadow; and the realm of necessity and transitoriness remained immersed in the obscurity of the private sphere.
Bakhtin's concept of chronotope, on the other hand, takes up the in-betweenness, the transitoriness that announces the time-space of some "hereafter" that is to follow the fleeting moment of duration.
the title "1910" refers to the year when he would have been twelve years old, while the subtitle "Intermedio" points ironically at the transitoriness of childhood.