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The gospel of Jesus is infinitely translatable. Its horizon is not limited to the culture and religion of any one group.
It is still unclear whether these results are directly translatable to humans.
It only touches lightly on office-based anaesthesia practice but the lessons learnt in radiology are translatable to other sites.
College-level collections strong in art therapy psychology will welcome The Art Therapists' Primer, sharing the author's 29 years of experience as she and her colleague link art therapy processes with medical terminology, offering a primer on everything from producing art therapy assessments and sessions to making translatable documentation to dovetail with medical models.
The genius of Christianity is that it is both culturally and theologically translatable, meaning that "kerygmatic essentials of the Christian faith [can] be discovered and restated within an infinite number of new global contexts" (p.
Kristallnacht, literally translatable as 'crystal night', was the night when Nazi thugs, led by the SA, went on an anti-Jewish rampage that lasted twenty-four hours.
In particular I shall set out a language of first-order predicate tense logic with a now predicate, and a first order (extensional) language with an abstraction operator, in such a way that each language can be shewn to be exactly translatable into the other.
Using extensive examples set in Oracle and Java (but easily translatable by other languages including C#, C++ or VB.NET, master practitioners Ambler and Sadalage guide users through a variety of databases and evolutionary, iterative processes.
Finally, frequent use of Vanguard's logo helps integrate varied and complex concepts into an easily translatable message.
Some features of the upgrade include outcards supported with pick sequences, fully translatable buttons, tracking of account and price changes, and a function access feature to control unlimited work order edits.
John Palermo, who along with Jackman, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will produce the movie, said: "We've been combing material for a great idea that is translatable to a musical.
Finally, academic EOM physician/scientists are directing or collaborating in multidisciplinary research that capitalizes on both clinical knowledge in individuals and epidemioiogic information from populations and results in new knowledge of clinically translatable value.