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Making BridgePoint open source now extends this benefit to users of executable and translatable UML, while allowing them to continue to gain from the extensive expertise captured by MGC's model compilers and verification tools.
The training-trough-research will boost the professional maturity and career development of the Experienced Researcher to the point of complete research independence translatable to a permanent position.
Because the product creates such an impactful visual effect, it lends itself to a compelling user experience that is translatable online and in social media, said Lancome.
He revealed that they can prevent and cure type 1 diabetes in animal models and he's hopeful that these results will be translatable into humans, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.
This event focuses on a series of values translatable via awareness programs, including Parents Foster Homes programs, medical checkups, introductory corner of (Al-Bir Project), His Highness' Corner for Young Women to reinforce lofty ideals and provide consultation for family members and also the Productive Families' Corner.
We believe a clear, forward-looking strategy, translatable to the day-to-day activities of all organization members, is critical to realizing success in today's fast paced market environment.
That's probably how we ended up here in this extravaganza of shops, this oasis, as a poem born on the tip of another's tongue, as perfectly translatable synonyms for that word: "exile.
That is where work needs to be done because they do not speak English, and TRC' is not a translatable term.
For algophiles (or phobes), there is substantial academic research information, not yet obviously applicable or translatable to the clinical situation, but critical to the scientist.
Likewise, for historians easily translatable concepts provided coherence to the African past.
John Palermo, who along with Jackman, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will produce the movie, said: "We've been combing material for a great idea that is translatable to a musical.
It seemed that a good story could only reach the masses if it was translatable to either the television or big screen,and I imagined that all the original novels were locked away in some dusty storeroom,never to be read again.