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Essentially, in Wales those that can speak both Welsh and English, and perhaps more specifically those that were born Welsh and speak Welsh and English, feel their communities are under threat from the mewnlifiad - diplomatically translatable as in-migration - rather than from any kind of institutional cultural colonialism.
Although Gailly's play with tenses is not always translatable (the English preterite corresponds to two different past tenses in French, which Gailly systematically contrasts), on the whole, the vivid presence and purely rhythmic suspense characteristic of Gailly's prose are well conveyed in the English translation.
Registry staff had told him rules state if a surname or place name is translatable into English, then English must be used.
Books are more easily translatable and may even have big-name stars already interested, which can make a book very attractive to a studio.
With HL-7, terminology and definitions used by one program are readily translatable to another program so that the two programs can communicate.
This is due in large measure to the fact that his poetry draws, as indicated earlier, on a rich legacy of rhetorical usages, allusions, and other devices which are not easily translatable.
We have honed our vision over the past 14 years to three standards and three themes, all of which are translatable into any size business in any industry:
A program of meditation is offered, translatable into Christian experience.
Also, since it's TABULAR DATA OMITTED translatable into traditional final average defined benefit terms for government testing purposes, compliance shouldn't be difficult.
Although not fully translatable, the most approximate English word is humane.
For instance, did you know that parboil is fully translatable, as is fudge or corned beef.