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Barak Turovsky, head of product and design at Google Translate and Machine Intelligence, told ET that one of the critical gaps in translation of Indian languages is that there are not enough training data or translated data on the Internet.
Our Zendesk integration enables customer support teams to offer multilingual support in more than 94 language pairings, in a simple and effortless solution," said Translate.
Translate operates independent of the Internet, avoiding data charges from telecommunication service providers, he explained.
com has made a very interesting hands-on test on Google's updated Translate app for Android.
The Linkine will perform short translations of up to 30 words and proofread up to 75 words in Welsh as well as translate menus on an ongoing basis.
When pasting in text, Yahoo's Babel Fish is limited to 150-word passages, and Google Translate can choke on longer passages.
A sensate democracy translates as an incarnational pluralism of interdependent becoming, or into the basileia that Cobb translates, against the American Empire, as the commonwealth of God.
Based on the rules in section 988, and the Section 987 QBU would generally translate that currency gain or loss into the owner's functional currency at the average exchange rate.
This was a small fish that characters placed in their ears (science fiction, remember) that could instantly translate anything which was said to them.
The Braille reader connects to a computer to translate documents.
In numeracy, why does deunaw (two nines) translate correctly to 18, whereas deuddeg (two tens) and pumddeg (five tens) translate incorrectly to 12 and 15 respectively?