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We invite the entire world to try Translate Your World for free," says Sue Reager, the company's CEO, who speaks 10 languages and commutes between Silicon Valley and Atlanta.
Additionally, users can tap the mic in the app to switch to translation mode then by tapping the mic again, the Google Translate app will automatically recognise which language is being spoken, allowing smoother conversation.
For example, my poems are very abstract and metaphysical so it might be difficult to translate them into Arabic.
Most are aware that they need to use an accredited translator for the big jobs - refurbishment, entire store signage, automated Welsh answerphone systems - but what to do if you have a niggling twenty-something words to translate in a hurry?
In order for everyone to access information in their own language, we need to solve two problems: eliminate the middlemen that add no value and help translators by providing suggestions so that they only have to translate information that has not already been translated by others.
Google Translate and Yahoo's Babel Fish use different translation engines, so it can sometimes help to use both when trying to better understand what you're trying to translate.
I cannot muster the 'we' except by finding the way in which I am tied to 'you,' by trying to translate but finding that my own language must break up and yield if I am to know you.
MACRS depreciation), and then translate the taxable income or loss computed in the local currency into the owner's functional currency.
If we allow this EIR in Spanish, then other communities in Chinatown, Koreatown and Little (Tokyo) may request request an EIR in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and then we'd have to hire people to translate those,'' said Jimmy Liao of the Los Angeles City Planning Department's environmental review section.
Besides communicating with hotels in their own language, you might also find it helpful to be able to translate websites containing information about the area you are planning to visit.
The Braille reader connects to a computer to translate documents.
In numeracy, why does deunaw (two nines) translate correctly to 18, whereas deuddeg (two tens) and pumddeg (five tens) translate incorrectly to 12 and 15 respectively?