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3 Frankenstein in Baghdad , by Ahmed Saadawi, translated by Jonathan Wright, forthcoming from Penguin
Enhanced convenience by translating MicrosoftA Office documents: Word and PowerPoint documents can now be translated on the Scan Translation Service, in addition to PDF and DocuWorks documents.
The translated articles will be available on the PAHO journal site for a year, after which AJPH will publish a special online-only supplement pairing the translated articles with their English-version counterparts.
A total of 199 books were translated in 2007; 182 were translated in 2008; 140 were translated in 2009, while the number was 182 in 2010 and in 2011.
Translated plagiarism happens when students take existing source material in English, translate it into the language used at their institution and misrepresent it as their own work.
But he also said that you'd be at risk if the author made a conscious decision not to have the work translated.
Forbidden Words by Eugenio de Andrade Translated by Alexis Levitin.
According to The Book Standard, Suite Francaise was translated by Sandra Smith and Ecrits was translated by Bruce Fink.
Under the 1991 proposed regulations, taxable Income or loss of a QBU would first be computed in local currency and then the taxable income or loss would be translated into the owner's functional currency.
These tales were first translated into French (1936) before the Spanish edition was even published (1940).
I intend here to speculate about the pendulum-like movement that may articulate the relationship between translation memories and machine translation which goes beyond a simple swap of capital initials--from MT to TM--although it may very well have to do with the swapping of full, translated sentences.
While distributing marketing materials beyond a company's home borders can help build brand awareness and increase profits, having those materials translated into various languages can be frustrating.