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Under the 1991 proposed regulations, taxable Income or loss of a QBU would first be computed in local currency and then the taxable income or loss would be translated into the owner's functional currency.
These tales were first translated into French (1936) before the Spanish edition was even published (1940).
Jakobson (Jakobson 2000[1959]) what takes place first: the original is conventionally translated into another simplified "original.
While distributing marketing materials beyond a company's home borders can help build brand awareness and increase profits, having those materials translated into various languages can be frustrating.
However, because the books by Haitian authors were mostly written in French and not translated into English for some time, they were not widely accessible to the outside world.
James Joyce's Ulysses has been translated into Japanese three times, each time by outstanding writers.
However, to be most useful, environmental health information needs to be translated into other languages.
Mariantonietta Acocella examines the fortunes and mutations of these narratives as they were translated into the vernacular, interpreted and adapted for a Christian public, and depicted in engravings, paintings, and fresco cycles.
Early Cree culture was a hunting society so when the Bible was first translated into Cree, there were no Cree agricultural terms.
He said many of the nursery rhymes, which originated in countries such as Scotland, are better translated into Akita's local dialect rather than standard Japanese.
To my surprise, one day he came in with a note translated into English that read, "Thank you very much.