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Previous studies have suggested that zoochlorellae do not translocate as much carbon as zooxanthellae.
The northeast side of Anacapa Island was chosen as a natural reef site to translocate fishes because of its accessibility, its historically rich rockfish abundances and because the location is a state marine reserve, which offers protection from fishing pressure.
Your soil may contain adequate quantities of lime, but it is unable to translocate to the growing site where it is needed to form cell walls.
However in July 2001 he was released as a youngster at Rutland Water in the Midlands as part of a project to translocate ospreys back to England.
Forest department plans to translocate tigers from Ranthambhore that finds it difficult to accommodate its present population endangering tigers.
27 (ANI): In a move which may draw appreciation of animal lovers, Andhra Pradesh government has decided to translocate captive elephants from zoos and circuses to national parks and game sanctuaries.
A year-long effort to translocate endangered Key deer (Odocoileus virginianus clavium) from Big Pine Key to Upper Sugarloaf Key in Florida came to fruition in June 2003 when two deer were released into a "soft release" pen, allowing them to acclimate to the area prior to release into the National Key Deer Refuge.
Causing the genes in yeast to translocate has enabled the scientists to produce the GM crop that does not cross-pollinate weeds.
Secondly, the long term program is to translocate the deer's.
Geological Survey (USGS) developed a partnership to translocate these ducks to Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.