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Although activated in the cytosol, the MAPKs translocate to the nucleus upon activation and phosphorylate a large number of nuclear proteins.
As the sanctuary nears capacity, it becomes increasingly important to translocate some animals into areas outside the enclosure, and to introduce new woylies to ensure ongoing genetic diversity and population health among the species.
27 (ANI): In a move which may draw appreciation of animal lovers, Andhra Pradesh government has decided to translocate captive elephants from zoos and circuses to national parks and game sanctuaries.
Geological Survey (USGS) developed a partnership to translocate these ducks to Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.
A year-long effort to translocate endangered Key deer (Odocoileus virginianus clavium) from Big Pine Key to Upper Sugarloaf Key in Florida came to fruition in June 2003 when two deer were released into a "soft release" pen, allowing them to acclimate to the area prior to release into the National Key Deer Refuge.
Causing the genes in yeast to translocate has enabled the scientists to produce the GM crop that does not cross-pollinate weeds.
Forest department plans to translocate tigers from Ranthambhore that finds it difficult to accommodate its present population endangering tigers.
These types of weeds readily absorb herbicidal chemicals from their leaf surfaces, translocate the active ingredient to their roots and are killed from the bottom up.
Secondly, the long term program is to translocate the deer's.
In presumptive females, the contrary process occurs: Primary germ cells translocate from medullary region into cortical region, where they will form oocytes.