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Mandela is one of five Eastern black rhino to have been translocated from Europe to Africa in a project overseen by conservationists from Chester Zoo
Up until the present, 12 giant pandas (Table S1) have been translocated, of which two were rescued from the wild, and the other 10 were captive-bred pandas that underwent wild adaptation training with their mothers.
Bighorn Sheep were initially captured in Alberta, Canada, and translocated to our study area, the Deadwood region, located in the northern Black Hills in western South Dakota, USA (UTM: Zone 13, 602979 E, 4911453 N) (Fig.
Among the cases of misplaced intrauterine devices reported so far in literature,93% were retrieved by minimally invasive techniques while in 57% of cases of translocated IUDs with abdominal viscera perforation, open surgical procedures were opted 10.
Seed P loss was assumed to be due to P translocated to developing seedling compartments plus possible P efflux which was reported up to 40% of initial seed P stock (Nadeem et al., 2012).
The assessed plant variables comprised: a) the trunk section increment (mm) of the cultivar in the graft union region; b) the trunk section increment (mm) of the rootstock in the graft union region; c) the difference in diameter between the grafted cultivar and rootstock; d) "translocated" incompatibility; e) "located" incompatibility; and f) by assessing the vascular connection in the graft union region by immersing the bases of the plants (below the graft union region) in 0.08% succinic acid solution.
Sex, age, presence of young, release site, and release year may all affect post-release movements in translocated mammals.
This excess carbon is thus translocated to the animal host, being used mostly for respiration, calcification, and mucus production [20-22].
occidentalis were previously translocated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department approximately 7.27 km upstream of this location at Charlebois Spring in 1983.
Four other finless porpoises from Poyang Lake are also being translocated to the Tian-e-zhou oxbow to boost the genetic diversity of its small population.
The nearby Baipur reserve forest will be surveyed and if found ideal then the jackals will be translocated here.
WHITE?FACED saki, Splodge, who translocated from the Czech Republic, is now settling into the Small Primate House with his new friend, Rio, from Monkey Tails.