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In this study, to address the mechanism of the anti-diabetic effect by Fx, we examined the effects of Fx on GLUT4 expression and translocation in typical skeletal muscles, the soleus and EDL.
That is exactly what we have done and we have established that it is not feasible to attempt the translocation of any of these; unfortunately they would not survive the process.
Bacterial translocation from the gastrointestinal tract.
West Bengal's Chief Conservator of Forests, Atanu Raha said that the six chitals died possibly because of excessive delay in the process of translocation, after the truck in which the animals were travelling got stuck in mud for more than four hours.
The success of the translocation is a credit to staff at the quarry.
There's a lot of evidence that translocations and other chromosome abnormalities aren't sufficient to make a cell malignant.
A project on this scale has never before been attempted and I am delighted with the results we are seeing at The World thanks to the unique method of translocation.
A reciprocal translocation does not change the amount of chromosomal material, but only the order of the genetic material.
Metals are among those components that can be solubilized and mobilized from particles and distributed systemically without the translocation of the particle from the original site of deposition in the respiratory tract.
Translocation of wild animals is associated with the spread of several zoonoses.
Redistribution technology enables the quantification of protein translocation, or protein movement within a living cell, using green fluorescent protein.