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Cylindrical container of 500 ml of translucent polyethylene (HDPE).
Translucent will then cease all operations in Palo Alto, California, their sole development site.
Features of Tekra's 10 mil JetView[TM] Latex White Translucent Matte/Gloss Backlit
Independent tests have shown Cobra[R] catches more flies than non translucent units.
According to UPM Raflatac, Translucent DM cinches mailers closed and can enhance the visual presentation of direct mail pieces by allowing companies to use every inch of their mailers.
He explained that the translucent paper, which should conform to the country standards (GSO 458/1994) for wrapping hot bread, including Arabic bread (khubz), must not be coloured, have ink or any kind of graphics on it.
He further said that global tender for procurement of translucent LPG cylinders has been invited by OMCs, which is under evaluation.
The characters in Translucent Tree (Vertical 978-1-934287-14-9) are steeped in love and also handle peripherally the concepts of home and belonging.
Loosely speaking, there are five main grades: glassy or transparent, highly translucent, translucent, semi-translucent and opaque.
Translucent ABS (called ABSi) is recommended for applications like automotive lighting and those that require monitoring of liquid or particle flow.
The translucent grade, ExxonMobil TPE F371-60, has a light transmittance of 10 per cent.
blouse&skirt sheer screen ultra fine translucent powder (pounds 20)