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Further research is required to validate that a horizontally impacted maxillary canine is more likely to transmigrate as compared to mesioangularly impacted maxillary canine.
At death, men's souls transmigrate into other bodies and continue the pattern.
Although leukocyte trapping within capillaries is probably not the sole cause, based on later evidence, it is likely that leukocytes become activated, transmigrate into the vein walls, and mediate some of the observed damage.
Then in the later stages of liver injury neutrophils transmigrate and attack hepatocytes, and eventually cause massive hepatocyte necrosis and multiorgan failure (Ramaiah and Jaeschke 2007).
These phagocytes can transmigrate across tissue barriers and transport Salmonella from the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract to the systemic circulation.
They transmigrate within the six states undergoing all kinds of suffering and harm, from which they cannot escape during innumerable billions of eons.
Faustus's last hopeless wish to transmigrate into the body of a beast in order to escape the prospect of endless damnation gets brutally shortened by the intrusion of the last twelve soundings of the clock.
shujo, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) are all the living beings that transmigrate through the cycle of samsara (36).
Weaving webs of faith: Examining Internet use and religious communication among Chinese protestant transmigrates.
The character Paul Shanahan at some point transmigrates from Trellis's novel into a cowboy romance written by another author called William Tracy, and has to orient himself within a totally new context.
This "other life" is revealed as the "Alma del Mundo" into which he transmigrates once stripped of his human consciousness.