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Such is Ibn Sina's stand on the origination of the human soul and the impossibility of transmigration.
But it was only after a 1964 military coup that we encounter a general transmigration scheme or a massive, spontaneous response.
Parole A buon rendere also contains an impressive bibliography that will be of great use to those seeking a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of the transmigration of words from one language to another.
Jon Goss and Thomas Leinbach's paper continues their line of sober yet critical evaluation of the Indonesian transmigration programme.
In another poem, called Purifications, Empedocles approves of the doctrine of transmigration.
He said Malaysias Ministry of Human Resources and Indonesias Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (TKI) are expected to hold a talk in April over new mechanisms regarding the recruitment of workers from Indonesia.
Reiki: The Transmigration of a Japanese Spiritual Healing Practice
This man believed in the transmigration of souls, and later in the day he told us that the souls of ten old soldiers and ten Indian crows had entered the dog when he was born, and no human being on this Ball of Clay would ever succeed in making him work.
There is a tendency to over-predict the link between transmigration and violence.
Transmigration of Mandibular Canine: A case Report with Reviewo of literatura.
I can't think of two more important works of American music than Copland's 'Lincoln Portrait' and Adams' 'On the Transmigration of Souls.