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By contrast, an inclusivity governance reflects the emergent multiversal realities of a postnational Canada in a freewheeling yet networked globalizing world of transmigratory movements, multiple linkages, and hybridic identities (Walton-Roberts 2011).
Contrary to popular perception, transmigratory linkages and incorporation into the receiving country are not necessarily contradictory but may concur simultaneously in a mutually reinforcing fashion (Jedwab 2007/08).
"Subverting the Mainland: Transmigratory Biculturalism in U.S.
(3) See Mary Jane Suero-Elliot's "Subverting the Mainland: Transmigratory Biculturalism in U.S.
More than 120 presenters at the confererence, "Transmigratory Moves: Dance in Global Circulation," contributed their insights in three days of panels, roundtables, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, and performances.
Gather's repetition of the verb "cross" in the opening pages of the novel stresses the transmigratory nature of the journey: as the traveler passes over boundaries in space, the past recedes and with it the self that lived there.
As Raja Bipasachit(113) witnessed [the attractions of Maya] so too do they, and do not have to endure the transmigratory round.
The sickly green, unifying the entire painting, weakens the vision we might have had of objects in conflict, of transmigratory entities bearing away different aspects of the spirit.
"Transmigratory Buddhism and Travelling Feminisms: Globalisation and Cross-cultural Difference." The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 21 (2010), 332-349.
John Carlos Rowe asserts that for Hawthorne, literature is a transnational art form, while the author is a customs agent: "Literature's transnational purpose in connecting contemporary readers with different 'nations,' such as England, Germany, and Italy, is complemented by its transmigratory function, which enables the reader to experience spirits of history and ghosts of the past to be imaginatively reincarnated in the characters of a literary fiction" (95).
Its conditional factors are ascetic detachment, terror in the face of transmigratory existence [samsarabhiruta], and the like.