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But the incorporation of transparent windows in banknote substrates (first polymer, and now paper), Is offering opportunities to include new features that are both reflective and transmissive and incorporate both overt and covert authentication--opportunities that Toppan is seizing with the development of innovative new technologies.
Philips Lighting marketing and sales director Ed Huibers said: "This light transmissive carpet solution is designed to engage directly with people's senses and the eyes' natural inclination to seek out light.
4-inch QVGA LCD Transmissive screen with320x240p resolution interface Nokia OS series 40 Storage capacity 64 MB, expandable up to 32GB via microSD card Camera 3.
Transmissive LCDs work best indoors or in controlled light environments.
The C2 Fine technology that enabled high contrast ratios in transmissive HTPS panels has been optimized for the reflective HTPS panels, and Epson's unique planarization technology is used to make the reflective layer almost perfectly flat so as to control the scattering of light.
NEC LCD Technologies is responding to these requirements by developing both transmissive type SOG LCD modules that achieve a balance between high luminance and a wide color gamut, and transflective type SOG LCD modules that achieve a balance between high luminance and a high reflectance ratio.
4 inch XGA or SVGA transmissive display or an All-Vis Indoor/Outdoor Transflective display, which provides clear viewing in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
The Army seeks to provide the innovative research and development for materials, devices, and manufacturing processes to solve critical challenges in the performance and fabrication of emissive, transmissive, and reflective flexible display technologies.
Both Black and Ammon (1992) and McDiarmid (1990) found evidence to suggest that many teacher candidates are oriented toward a transmissive approach to teaching.
The security element (2) comprises a substrate (21) which in the first region (30) has one or more transmissive diffraction structures which, when seen in transmitted light, show one or more optical security features.
The transmissive XGA landscape-mode panel offers a response time of 8 ms, a contrast ratio of 550:1, 3H hard coating, horizontal viewing angles of 120[degrees], and vertical viewing angles of 100[degree], The 326-mm x 252-mm x 13.