transmit payment

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The Fund expects to transmit payment to purchase the duly tendered and accepted Shares on or about July 11, 2017.
Businesses will be able to approve payments and transmit payment instructions for checks, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, wires, commercial card, and B2P payments in one electronic file.
The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with both Near Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology that enable the device to wirelessly transmit payment information to either a contactless or traditional magnetic stripe merchant terminal.
0 or another technology in the iPhone 5 to wirelessly transmit payment data, analysts have noted.
The newly-certified devices host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card and feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the short range communications standard that enables mobile phones to securely transmit payment information to a contactless payment terminal.
The 4-digit PIN, which is used to transmit payment credential, if abandoned might make a user susceptible to a "man in the middle attack," said Mahaffey.
PayPass employs radio frequency technology to securely transmit payment details wirelessly between the PayPass device and the merchant's terminal.
It was only recently that 15 global financial institutions began testing a program called Project Eleanor--a web-based front end for businesses to transmit payment, remittance and other transaction-related data directly through their bank.
the body in charge of running the system, technical glitches were discovered in the software that was supposed to transmit payment data to the Data Telecommunication System of All Banks in Japan, a platform connecting all types of domestic private financial institutions online.
Nokia will also provide server applications based on WAP which will transmit payment data securely over wireless networks to financial institutions, it said.
For any system used to transmit payment orders that may result in the transfer of large sums, however, a depository institution receiving the payment order should be responsible for verifying the authenticity and the content of the payment order before acting on it.

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