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became tense and admitted that the passport and application belonged to her friend who suffered a transmittable disease.
The virus responsible for Mexico s current bird flu outbreak, H7N3, has occasionally caused human disease in various parts of the world, according to the UN, but has not shown itself to be easily transmittable between humans.
Generally healthy condition, with no anaemia or transmittable diseases
In a world where travel between countries is widespread and commonplace, who can know if any person they come into contact with isn't carrying a transmittable disease?
A Channel 5 spokesman said: "There is a difference of opinion between ourselves and the ITC about whether certain images were transmittable or not, but we accept the ITC's ruling."
The disease, which has a high death rate, is transmittable to human beings, causing eye inflammation and other problems, the report said.
With 260 participants attending the event, the topics discussed included the importance of vertical transmittable diseases, protection of poultry assets with mycoplasma control, improving biosecurity and the growing poultry industry around the globe.
Summary: A 40-year-old man, who used to work at the laboratory of Al Muhaisnah medical fitness centre, has been charged in absentia with soliciting and accepting Dh900 for forging the test results of three men with transmittable diseases.
But Edinburgh zoo director Dr David Waugh last night pledged: "If experts say that the disease is not transmittable then we will look at other options.
Develop, promote and implement best practices for monitoring and controlling livestock diseases that are potentially transmittable to the bear population;
was processing forged health reports certifying that individuals were healthy and without transmittable diseases.
Imagine the chaos in the courts as five-year-olds were hauled up before the beak for deliberately going to school when they were suffering a transmittable disease, recklessly infecting their classmates.