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As is often noted with regard to such "metafictional" or "postmodern" texts, the refiguring of Pound, along with the novel's endless list of "borrowed" characters--regardless of whatever one prefers to call it, be it transmogrification, translation, of (dare I say it) plagiarism--suggests a conceptual understanding of literature in which "creativity" and "originality" serve no meaningful purpose, aside from literary propaganda.
Curtis, Jr, The Transmogrification of the American Trust, 31 Real Prop 251, 289 (1996) (Curtis).
Which inevitably results in the transmogrification of a true "right of the people to keep and bear Arms" into nothing more than a temporary license controlled by public officials for their own purposes--which returns the argument to its starting point.
Although miles away, Daniel's presence looms large, his transmogrification conjuring him up anew, eerily sucking all the air out of the room.
However, the most significant transmogrification occurred with the rise of Mahmud Ahmadi-nejad to the presidency in 2005.
In his 1983 essay on the Third Symphony, Pascall provided a basic filiation of sources for the work, but now supplies a considerably-expanded Stemma that reveals much about the transmogrification of this symphony.
Obama=Osama is an easy association to produce via simple transmogrification.
Thinking of himself, Iris adds, "The sperage son of a steerage mother is not a contemptible whiffmagig nor she a Tottie all-colours giving juice for the jelly of some Julius Caesar--a transmogriphy at the botchers for transmogrification.
Indeed, their greed and lust for power have long combined with the enduring appeal of patriarchy to ensure their fast transmogrification into antichrists of counterreformation and re-feudalization.
The twenty-five years of oppressive dictatorship that followed was the "sort of memory" that came blowing back through the looking glass with the Islamic Revolution in 1979, which resulted in a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy in Iran and the transmogrification of Uncle Sam into "Shaytan Bozorg"-the Great Satan.
It was a transmogrification, a possession, a quicksilver change.
Astronaut or nuclear physicist would seem the next natural points on this trajectory, except that Sarkozy is said to favour her transmogrification into a "French Lady Di".