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Coiffured movie sirens lounging, around the pool transmogrify into brittle old sea hags.
The providers transmogrify themselves into something entirely new, an integrated health care delivery system with a functioning nervous system that is made of standardized transaction, communication, and decision support systems.
Ultraviolet rays permanently transmogrify these adjoining thymines into gnarled, double-looped structures that interfere with DNA replication and repair.
He may not musically transmogrify overnight into another Jed Madela, Christian Bautista or Erik Santos, but there's always room for improvement for enthusiastic performers like Alden who are only too willing to listen to constructive criticism.
com I HAVE recently been wondering if there is some sort of quango or august body operating in Wales, whose function is to transmogrify (no doubt at great expense to the public purse) English words into Welsh.
Best known as idiot son Nick in BBC's My Family, it will be interesting to see him transmogrify into Menshevik psychopath Strelnikov.
Descriptions of looking can reflect "an element of scopophilia" (196); staring can so penetrate as to transmogrify into the "look-as-phallus" (199); and the Reader may end up being "invited to play the part of a voyeur" (203) -- all this in a poem subject to Counter-Reformation censors and judged by some postmodernists as a prime example of "il pensiero debole" (weak [i.
No amount of heartfelt eulogy, gun salutes, holy anointment, and elaborate procession and rituals can transmogrify the dark pages of history during Martial Law The world has read and heard all of these,' the OSG said.