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Cherkashin criticizes the KGB for its corruption, its unnecessary execution of officers who betrayed it, and its political machinations to transmogrify failures into victories.
Instead, they'll likely transmogrify their groups into 501(c)s.
And unlike, say, oil, it doesn't take nearly so long for something that was once alive and walking around to transmogrify into a more useful product for the rest of us to use.
Al Qaida is having to transmogrify, having lost Afghanistan.
Like infesting alien pods, American culture threatens to transmogrify the planet, as the speaker put it, into one big New Jersey.
The body" almost inevitably signifies "the male body" in these Renaissance depictions, and, as Sorsby points out, the references to the woman's physical qualities often transmogrify into denigrations of women's social identity, especially in d'Aubigne.
In Love Across Color Lines, Diedrich emerges as a virtuoso of the "as if," a writer who knows how to transmogrify the "might" into the "must have been.