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And no one survives the hunt" Burnside reminds us, insisting on the inescapably transmutable feature of our being here: "greyhound to roebuck, laughter to skin and bone.
In her Walter Benjamin-inspired book Cinema: Blue Flower in the Land of Technology, Kim makes tremendous strides in charting the complex spatial coordinates of a city rendered historically transmutable, anomalous, and multi-dimensional during the reign of late capitalism.
that politics is politics, that partisanship isn't transmutable, that
8) A dispositif is relentlessly transmutable and, crucially, 'has as its major function at a given historical moment that of responding to an urgent need.
The Success for Boys program is premised on the assumption that gender gaps are transmutable.
70), self is shown to be an elusive entity, eternally transmutable and subject to change.
They both held that living things were not (in spite of what the Bible said) independently created but are mutable or transmutable and evolve from one form to another by a process of what came to be called "descent by modification.
But if one reads her work carefully, one sees that for Forough the veils between the planes of life and death were quite transparent and interchangeable--that for her, life and death were an ongoing journey, each transmutable by the other, each offering in her own words a "re-birth.