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A chapter on outsider artist Henry Darger--the creator of the weird and epic Vivian Girls--argues for his deliberate transmutation of childhood trauma into art.
The way [to understand a star's energy] was opened when [Ernest] Rutherford discovered, in 1919, the transmutation of atomic nuclei.
Mosque imams were prevented from installing echo devices and transmutation cutting devices as the ministry said that mosques' neighbors complained of the loud noise of the speakers and the interference of sounds from different mosques creating distortions.
Valli, the California Supreme Court addressed this issue and determined that, unless the statutory transmutation requirements had been met, the life insurance policy was community property.
After years of observing monarch butterflies, from caterpillars until their ultimate transmutation, Rubin was in a pinch when, one August before her first-grade students were to arrive, she could find no monarch caterpillars.
This mythology served to locate Dickey in the cosmos, secure his place in society, and shape Dickey as an individual through the alchemical process of transmutation.
In the second section, he considers the transmutation of Yiddish drama from the advent of the purim-shpil at the end of the seventeenth century, addressing the adoption of theatre by Judaism despite ritual injunction, the parodic roots of the purim-shpil and its carnivalesque nature, the purim-rabbi, and the achievements of Yiddish theatre, and the various languages.
The International Coherent Amplification Network (ICAN) sets out a new laser system composed of massive arrays of thousands of fibre lasers, for both fundamental research at laboratories such as CERN and more applied tasks such as proton therapy and nuclear transmutation.
He also emphasized on the transmutation of the region towards new directions in the ICT that drives the necessity to keep pace with all the developments in the government and business organizations and reconsider the projects from a technological perspective and support the vision of the senior leadership in building a global technological infrastructure in making the integrated information database of the GCC easily accessible for the citizens, visitors, and investors at large.
Transmutation of the market, which is accomplished via critical analysis and consumers' active engagement in defining "gluten-free," may provide an antidote to product dilution and may improve product literacy for those who need or desire gluten-free products most.
Biological transmutation has been postulated by several groups of workers in microbial systems [1,2].
Heavy element transmutation was observed bull-dozed by the bow shock that matched stellar and supernova nucleosynthesis.