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Randy argued that the transmutation requirements apply only to transactions between spouses, and not to one spouse's acquisition of property from a third party, since the only transaction was between Frankie and the insurance company.
Transmutation may provide an antidote to the value erosion of conventionalization, though it too has costs.
This showed that the actinidic archaea was mediating the biological transmutation of magnesium to calcium.
Mark LeClair and Serge Lebid discovered that the scaled-up LeClair Effect reactor triggered intense fusion, fission and transmutation in water.
The type and amount of transmutation depend upon the plant and upon the germinating medium.
Thus they will justify the presentation of Certificates of Merit to hearty applause by all who have benefited by the transmutation of murky water to coin of the realm.
Like fire, transmutation is performance that celebrates change for the sake of change but not without honouring things certainly lost and hopefully gained and, while doing so, it demonstrates critical/creative thinking by revelling in the space between known and unknown realms.
The alchemy of glass; counterfeit, imitation, and transmutation in ancient glassmaking.
He is the inventor of the patented and patent pending photonuclear transmutation technology for the efficient elimination of radioactive waste and the safe and environmentally benign generation of electric power.
He concentrates on two enduring themes, the transmutation of elements and the search for an elixir of life that will cure all illness and reverse aging.
Between the two moments of the exhibition, the idea of an aesthetic project undergoes a transmutation from individual construction to collective development.
In England, where he arrived in 1650, Starkey practiced Helmontian iatrochemical medicine, manufactured alchemically prepared remedies and perfumes, and nurtured a story that he was in receipt of secrets of alchemical transmutation given him by a mysterious adept in New England.