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(2007) 'Inhuman Becomings' from Corpus Modificatus: Transmutational Belonging and Posthuman Becoming, PhD Thesis, UTS, pp 184-204.
The acknowledged master of expounding this Buddhist silence is the legendary Nagarjuna who is still famed in India today as an alchemist and wizard and personifies the erotico-mystical side of Tantric Buddhism, and whose writings feature debates between Hindus and Buddhist, as well as transmutational alchemy (White 1996).
The topics include the Los Alamos perspective on high-intensity accelerators, high-energy beam transport lines and delivery system for intense proton beams, a dual-injection tube for a 20 megawatt lead-bismuth target system, estimating some characteristics of the Cascade Subcritical Molten Salt Reactors, and the concept of transmutational experimental facility.
This was a fascinating look into two minds with but a single thought - the transmutational nature of the creative process.