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Those sideshow absorptions cause the atoms to change into heavier isotopes or even transmute into other elements.
Trains have not run on the since 1980 and since 1999 the Friends of the High Line, community based non-profit group, have been trying to preserve and transmute the space into an elevated promenade for the city.
The IRS's approach is certainly not narrow and will, under the right circumstances, permit corporations to transmute value and assets into a business, via the expansion doctrine, to be distributed tax free to shareholders under Sec.
Vaughan chided other alchemists as vulgar who sought merely to transmute metals into gold, thus avoiding alchemy's higher purposes; however, those higher purposes (which he himself sought) included repeated experimentation to reveal the mysteries of nature.
This is the first step in a great "calculation" by Robert Kennedy that Steel introduces as follows: "Bobby had to transmute his brother, brush away his failures and omissions, and create a legend based on expectation.
The proposed regulations thus transmute the "primary" function test for a storage facility contained in the legislative history to an allocation of costs between retail-level and storage activities.
The statement of Polly's mother, dignified and humane, stood as a reproach to Governor Wilson, Senators Feinstein, Boxer and kindred ghouls seeking to transmute Polly's terrible fate into votes.
With this process, the scientists hope to use neutrons to transmute long-lived radioactive isotopes into ones that are either stable or have much shorter half-lives.
The tools of Capriza are utilized to transmute legacy apps into modern, mobile Zapps
Scholars of business and social scientists describe examples of process improvement projects and methods to transmute intangible consumer values into salable products and programs.
He first used timber palings to enclose balconies on the Montpellier project, so it only required a slight shift of an already vivid imagination to transmute them into cladding.