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This is the first step in a great "calculation" by Robert Kennedy that Steel introduces as follows: "Bobby had to transmute his brother, brush away his failures and omissions, and create a legend based on expectation.
For now, one must maintain a dynamically charged neutrality which allows the deeper ores to transmute, to fully maturate, as though one were preparing for a more optimum rhythmics of a coming transmundane interior era.
The proposed regulations thus transmute the "primary" function test for a storage facility contained in the legislative history to an allocation of costs between retail-level and storage activities.
Ed's got a great deal of firepower by his side -- in addition to melee attacks and the ability to send Al flailing toward enemies, he can use alchemy to transmute pieces of scenery into weapons of mass destruction.
The tools of Capriza are utilized to transmute legacy apps into modern, mobile Zapps
He first used timber palings to enclose balconies on the Montpellier project, so it only required a slight shift of an already vivid imagination to transmute them into cladding.
Atlanta, Georgia Past Life Regression Work-shop: Learn why we feel connected to certain people or things and how to transmute negative experiences into a loving and positive experience.
The 'Pink Marble' photinia variety, however, has leaves that first appear red and pink, then change to pink and green - and finally transmute into green foliage that is edged and splashed with white.
The California Supreme Court agreed with the executor; it determined that the spousal consent was not an express declaration to transmute the community property into separate property.
In my own research, which has brushed over Wallace in his early years as governor, I have come across one strikingly succinct formulation of his original secret, written in 1964 by an awestruck Alabama reporter struggling to explain the success of Wallace's first speeches outside the South: "He gave every hearer a chance to transmute a latent hostility toward the Negro into a hostility toward big government.
The researchers also noted that, at the same moment black holes transmute into elementary particle states, the topology, or basic geometric shape, of the accompanying six-dimensional space changes markedly.
As needed, the seed cores are then placed in a nuclear reactor to transmute the Xenon-124 into Iodine-125.