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Thus, this variable is directly related to stomatal opening time because water is lost by transpiration during plant C[O.
The method developed by Granier (1987) estimates the transpiration from the thermal dissipation of a heated probe inserted in the stem, due to the sap flux.
Another parameter was transpiration rate of plants, in which maximum transpiration rate was observed in non-saline conditions in genotype Q9 and then it decreased significantly (p <0.
Studies indicated that, during the development process, by the increase in the ploidy levels of wheat (2x4x6x), photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate decreased occasionally (Austin et al.
The photosynthetic rate (A), transpiration rate (E) and internal CO2 (Ci) were measured with a battery operated instrument IRGA (Infrared gas analyzer, Analytical Development Company, Hoddeson, England).
Likewise, transpiration and stomatal conductance increased from 0800 hour and peaked at 1400 hour before decreasing (Figure 7c and Figure 7d, respectively).
The measurements for the fourth leaf at 15 days after the application (DAA) of glyphosate demonstrated that there was a difference among the cultivars in relation to the means for the stomatal conductance (gs) and transpiration rate (E).
Grapevine water loss by transpiration at night can reach up to 50% of daytime transpiration, depending on the level of aridity and water stress.
Korean company Samsung expressed an interest in the projects relating to petrochemical industries and transpiration.
Trees, largely due to transpiration process, help reduce the impact of temperature and these could be called lungs of urban areas, said the PHA official.
The works, which focus on OSU's history as a land grant college, are titled "Three Phases of Water, Evaporation, Transpiration and Regeneration.