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Here are selected findings contained in the report and the justification for denying coverage for Pancreas only, Pancreas-after-kidney transplants, Lung transplants, Allogeneic unrelated hematopoietic cell (bone marrow) transplants, Heart transplants for non-ischemic cardiomyopathies and Liver transplants for Hepatitis C.
However, scientists might someday convert stem cells from either adults or embryos into cells that would succeed as transplants.
Lill told Joseph he had an 80 percent chance of being cured for life if he -- like his wife -- had a bone marrow transplant.
Infections due to nontuberculous mycobacteria in kidney heart and liver transplant recipients.
1965 First kidney transplant in UK using organ from a dead person.
So far, existing medical research is based on roughly 26 cases nationwide, said Peter Stock, a transplant surgeon at UCSF, where last year eight HIV-positive patients received kidney transplants and four received livers.
For example, a center recommends a complex, multi-organ transplant for a rare condition.
The 1984 law also set up the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network (OPTN) to promote the sharing of organs across geographic boundaries.
Digesting these images and philosophies of "war" may lead society to conclude that persons who abuse alcohol and drugs are not worthy of compassion, especially in the form of a liver transplant.
Scientists have made progress toward islet transplantation over the past 25 years, but still face many barriers in attempting to use islet cell transplants, in particular, as a cure for diabetes.
Human organs available for transplant are an extremely scarce resource.
Ildstad proposed a transplant using bone marrow from a baboon.