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AHCCS coverage criteria for several types of organ transplants for adults have changed.
For years, researchers have aimed to transplant stem cells to replace light-sensitive rod cells that had degenerated.
The McKennas are excited about today's event, realizing that if not for their transplants they might not be here.
We are therefore extremely pleased to have completed another assignment on behalf of our long-term client, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation," stated Kurt Kalafsky, principal, The Aztec Corporation.
Margaret Ragni, a professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh who helps HIV-positive patients win transplants, agreed that discrimination has been an overwhelming obstacle.
Hence, transplants have a tendency to become high profile issues for health plans and providers.
The number of patients filtered out by the green screen, who could benefit from transplants if the price came down enough for them to pass it, is conjectural.
Some medical centers, however, will not provide liver transplants for persons with alcohol dependency because they believe a substantial percentage of these individuals will return to drinking (ALF, 1997).
The number of people who could benefit from transplants is larger than the number of human organ donors available each year, so researchers around the world are studying the use of islet cells from fetal tissue or other species such as pigs.
WHEN MICKEY MANTLE RECEIVED a liver transplant in June of 1995, there were thousands of people across the country who were also waiting for a lifesaving liver.
Many scientists have doubts about the effectiveness of such cross-species transplants.
Gumpel had made note of early Schwann cell transplants done by Duncan and other work done by scientists at Oxford University.