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We have patients regularly waiting over 10 hours for transport back to their aged care facility.
Transport back to the CEA Grenoble for certain packages or direct shipment to the ANDRA site for others.
The Bulgarian Embassy has managed to provide free shelter for the migrant workers in Lagos, and has arranged their free transport back to Bulgaria.
When these checks are over I am then taken in my wheelchair to the transport waiting room, awaiting transport back home.
The linear walk ends at Piercebridge and transport back to the start is not provided.
They were attacked after missing their transport back to the capital Amman from a visit to the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea Saturday.
Walk around Sunniside Park into the Derwent Walk Country Park finishing at Swalwell Visitor Centre for refreshments and transport back to Sunniside.
Open to cyclists of all abilities the ride starts and finishes in William Brown Street, though some may prefer to stop pedalling at the Countess of Chester Health Park where there's free transport back to Liverpool.
Lebanon deported the four on a flight to Jordan, where they were handed over to Japanese diplomats for transport back to Japan.
Students in this space school use virtual-reality helmets to transport back to the 18th century and learn early U.
In addition to delivering its products, the company uses its commercial vehicles to pick up defective products that do not meet customer specifications and to transport back to its plant the Tennessee customers' trim and scrap.

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