transportation charge

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Last but not least, due to some major factors including the unit price of fuel for marine use approaching US$700 per ton, the surcharge of low-sulfur fuel, the uncertainty of stevedores, and the additional inland transportation charge while encountering detour, shipping liners likely collected the full-amount fuel surcharge to balance declining revenues.
We suggest completely dropping the transportation charge (applied to cross-border trade) to make sure that minor charges have no distorting effects and to move to a nodal pricing system.
According to Teitlebaum's 1997 opinion, so long as the transportation charge was billed separately, there could be no imposition of sales tax.
Tenders are invited for Transportation charge / Hire Charge / Supply cost in connection with Earth filling of the road from irrigation bundh of Mondai More to Jayenpur School field vai Mondai village , Kalumollatola , Chainpara & sukpara under Krishnapur G.
Besides, there are 800 LHWs, 105 vaccinators despite they have failed to administer the drops to children while he lamented that despite health department officers and officials for claiming TA, DA, POL and transportation charges.
A, POL and transportation charges despite having failed to administer drops to children.
Tenders are invited for Transportation and operation of unit-3 mill reject system round the clock including removal, Collection and clearing of rejects from mills and its surrounding areas and disposal of mill rejects collected from unit-3 mills areas to mill reject yard including all leads, Lifts and transportation charges in stage-ii/rtpp for the year 2018-19.
The Group said that it would also hurt the manufacturing sector as their input cost would increase due to high transportation charges thus making them more in-competitive in the international market.

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