transportation charge

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SNGPL hence revised its RLNG sales volume taking updated figures till February 2018 into consideration which contributed to a rise in transportation charge per unit.
Last but not least, due to some major factors including the unit price of fuel for marine use approaching US$700 per ton, the surcharge of low-sulfur fuel, the uncertainty of stevedores, and the additional inland transportation charge while encountering detour, shipping liners likely collected the full-amount fuel surcharge to balance declining revenues.
We suggest completely dropping the transportation charge (applied to cross-border trade) to make sure that minor charges have no distorting effects and to move to a nodal pricing system.
According to Teitlebaum's 1997 opinion, so long as the transportation charge was billed separately, there could be no imposition of sales tax.
Islamabad -- The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) is considering imposing a transportation charge on students to cover the cost of around 150 buses purchased under Prime Minister Education Reforms Program (PMERP), Tuesday.
The FDMA provides Rs10,000 as transportation charge and additional Rs25,000 as special grant to every returning family.
Accordingly, the company revised RLNG sales volume, keeping in view of actual figures up to February 2018, resulting into higher per unit transportation charge.
Transportation charges on account of ups and downs in high speed diesel (HSD) prices in the last eight months have not impacted the price of pulses.
According to the some local traders, the prices of sacrificial animals have been increased as a result of increasing prices of petroleum products and trigging increase in transportation charges. The biggest cattle market near Preacher mosque a large number of animals of different sizes are up for sale.
Tenders are invited for Competitive Sealed tenders are invited by the undersigned in the prescribed form for the supply and installation of Incinerator in Aranyabhavan Forest Complex, Parampuzha, Kottayam including the cost of transportation charges during 2017-18.
He said that the increase of Rs 20/- per bag in the price of flour is due to transportation charges.
Sain Naeem Ahmed apprised the minister that needy students have no access to colleges due to high transportation charges and especially girls were facing much difficulty.

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