transportation fee

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On top of their honoraria, they also get additional P1,000 transportation fee.
Scholars enjoyed book allowance, stipend, tuition and school fees, transportation fee, monthly-living allowance, group insurance, one economy round trip transportation allowance, and post-graduation clothing allowance.
Car owners in Dubai will now have to pay a Dh300 transportation fee if their vehicles are confiscated by the police for traffic violations or criminal cases.
Wu said that the transportation fee for each gerbil was 60 Chinese yuan.
Adding a requirement to seek voter approval of transportation fee and tax increases could also increase the likelihood that infrastructure spending demands, often funded through use of dedicated funds, may to a greater extent compete with general operating needs.
The third party will pay the gas transportation fee to the Sui gas companies as per the rate determined by the OGRA.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has proposed to charge regular transportation fee from the students of Islamabad Model schools and colleges besides increasing the bus fee for the students of federal government schools and colleges.
An agreement was signed in which companies from both countries pay a transportation fee of USD 14 for a barrel of oil.
Exemption from transportation fee of empty wagons returning from the Baku International Sea Trade Port to Uzbekistan could positively affect the expansion of trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, Babur Rakhimov, marketing manager of the Uzbek-Chinese company Ekoklimat , told Trend.
"The coal transportation fee makes 800-850 soms for a ton during the last 10 years.
"The students often have to pay the transportation fee separately.
However, in court the suspect disputed this and denied charges of attempted robbery and refusing to pay a transportation fee.

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