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The "Silk Road" project, envisaging the transportation of goods through Central Asia and South Caucasus, will reduce the transportation period by more than twofold - up to 12-15 days.
The NATO containers use two land routes for the transportation of goods including one from Karachi to northwest Torkham border and other from Chaman border of southwest Balochistan province.
Murugesan, the railways said: " The primary business of railways is the transportation of goods and passengers from one place to another and not catering or hotel industry.
Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Best, head of crime at Cleveland Police, said: "I know the vast majority of those involved in the transportation of goods around the UK are law abiding people who have a vested interest in keeping our transport hubs and links safe.
Both domestic and international transportation of goods registered increases of 4.
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in December last year directed Pakistan Railways to quickly get its locomotives repaired to improve efficiency and transportation of goods in the country.
The terms of the agreement cover, in its first stage, the transportation of goods destined to Iraq from UAE ports, moving in a second stage to transporting goods by land from Iraq's southern seaports into neighbouring countries, utilising 60 to 100 trucks per day, Abdul Karim Al Zuhairi, the official spokesperson for the ministry, was quoted as saying in an Al Hayat newspaper report.
The transport ministry said it has decided not to extend the waiver, which many truck drivers have taken advantage of to avoid paying tolls in their operations other than transportation of goods to the disaster-hit region.
TUNIS, April 5, 2011 (TAP)- Transportation of goods on board the ships of Tunisia's Shipping Company (CTN ) posted a 7 pc rise during the first 3 months of this year, compared with the same period last year, on its four regular lines: Marseilles, Genoa, Livorno and Barcelona.
Gaza, March 2 (Petra) - The Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday closed completely Al-Monter commercial crossing and decided to use instead Karem Abu Salem crossing, south of the Gaza Strip for the transportation of goods only.
Transportation of goods along the North-South corridor is predicted at five million tons per year in the first phase, and it is planned to increase the volume to 10-15 million tons per year in the future.
The immediate implication has been to our supply chain, with disruption to the transportation of goods between the manufacturers and distributors, particularly in Scotland, where they have experienced some of the most severe weather and where we have about 10% of our distribution.

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