transportation of goods

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The second sector is the transportation of goods and the third sector is the management of rail infrastructure in Germany.
Transportation of goods via railways could rise to 4 million tons in the next Iranian calendar year, Pourseyyed Aqai further highlighted.
The "Silk Road" project, envisaging the transportation of goods through Central Asia and South Caucasus, will reduce the transportation period by more than twofold - up to 12-15 days.
Besides, the sides agreed to take measures on organization of container transportation of goods along the route China-Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey using the new railway Zhezkazgan-Beineu, capacities of the seaport of Aktau and Ahalkalaki-Kars railway which is presently under construction.
Benesch's Transportation & Logistics Practice Group combines diverse practice experience and comprehensive bench strength to assist our clients with logistics and related issues in the transportation of goods.
Lakes state MP Shadrack Bol Machok, who represents Wulu county's Domuloto and Makundi constituency, confirmed that poor state of roads was affecting the transportation of goods and hurting the business community.
In a move to organise transportation of goods by heavy vehicles, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) is planning to set up a closely-held company dedicated towards this end, and using vehicles not exceeding three-tonnes.
He said that on instructions of Chief Minister Punjab, work is being carried out expeditiously on the project of operating water transport for transportation of goods, travelling and tourism purposes.
Sun Ziyun told the Pakistani premier that the roads infrastructure in Gwadar would be connected with the communication network of rest of the country to facilitate transportation of goods.
Murugesan, the railways said: " The primary business of railways is the transportation of goods and passengers from one place to another and not catering or hotel industry.
Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Best, head of crime at Cleveland Police, said: "I know the vast majority of those involved in the transportation of goods around the UK are law abiding people who have a vested interest in keeping our transport hubs and links safe.
Both domestic and international transportation of goods registered increases of 4.

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