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An example for the transposable element insertion in large-size fragments is showed in Figure 3, mutant 21 was tagged in the largest SwaI fragment (1W; Fig.
Transposable elements move and spread in genomes in a lineage-specific fashion--which is particularly true in humans.
Transposable elements as the key to a 21st century view of evolution.
Transposable elements: A DNA segment that can change its position within the genome; retrotransposons are a type of transposable element.
Inviting instability: Transposable elements, double-strand breaks, and the maintenance of genome integrity.
Tagging and cloning of a petunia flower color gene with the maize transposable element Activator.
The aim of this investigation was thus to survey, via similarity searches, the current microsatellites of Haliotis midae to better understand the dynamics of these genomic features in this species; in particular their association to genes and transposable elements.
Swiss direct democracy, he explained, is a "model" but it is not transposable to Europe.
The complexity of the maize genome is also partly due to the fact that about 85 percent of its DNA is composed of transposable elements--segments of DNA that can move between locations.
Researchers from around the world working in the field and related disciplines discuss the roles of proteolysis in plant self- incompatibility, the epigenetic regulation of transposable elements in plants, proteins and interactions, expression quantitative trait loci analysis, plants' sensing and responding to excess light, phloem transport, cellulosic biofuels, jasmonate action, selaginella, the circadian system in higher plants, photorespiratory metabolism, environmental effects on the spatial and temporal patterns of leaf and root growth, genetically engineered plants and foods, and other topics.
While the Gothic is transposable, it maintains a correctness that excludes instances like Martha Stewart and tin sheds.
In other words, crucial aspects of the content may be transposable but the context as such is not entirely available to us, thus turning the translated text into a counterfeit when applied to different context.

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