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Table I.- List of primers for the amplification of Transposable elements in different strains of S.
Identification of genes in proximity with transposable elements
Black et al., "Role of transposable elements in heterochromatin and epigenetic control," Nature, vol.
Wessler, "Plant transposable elements: where genetics meets genomics," Nature Reviews Genetics, vol.
Dynamic interactions between transposable elements and their hosts.
Saccheri and colleagues found the transposable element in 105 of 110 wild-caught carbonaria moths and none of the 283 typica moths tested.
Diverse origins of waxy foxtail millet crops in East and Southeast Asia mediated by multiple transposable elements insertions.
Adirondack Guide Boat on Mink Pond is almost transposable with Homer's except my guideboat is closer to shore, just about where it appears in Homer's painting.
"Most remarkably, we found the genetic changes that likely underlie the evolution of pregnancy are linked to domesticated transposable elements that invaded the genome in early mammals.
HADS is a screening instrument for depression and it is not completely transposable to ICD-10 criteria for diagnosis of depression.
Richard Wilson, will use the Irys System in their workflow as they determine the sequence, location and orientation of genes and transposable elements in the human genome.

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