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Most of those I report are "trivial" as defined by Corbin, in two ways: 1) expanded from shorter forms that are also transposals, mainly by pluralising (Adding-s to gerund nouns is legitimised by Webster's Third New International Dictionary [Web3]: see "[-ing.
This is an attempt to provide single-word transposals for all the days and months.
Anyway, I have found transposals for nicknames and slogans of 28 different states, or 29 if you treat Puerto Rico as a potential future US state.
Here are 6 transposals to replace 6 of his 11 transadditions.
How about seeking transposals and transadditions of cardinal number words in foreign languages?
By and large, the transposals of the DARE items were in W3 and W2, but with some from a few other sources.
Some personal names have appeared before in Word Ways as GARY GRAY types where the first and last names are transposals.
In the August 2011 Word Ways, Darryl Francis examines transposals of US county names.
There have been transposals, transdeletions, transadditions and so on.
Edwards, published in England (1985), is a collection of transposals designed for crossword solving.