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The only reported transposal of etaoinshrdlu is outlandisher (OED).
R/S had 179 transposalss (125 RS+54 SR), or 157 (104+53) excluding */** noted; 43 in MWPD.
This is an attempt to provide single-word transposals for all the days and months.
There are two allowable transposals in international Scrabble.
Anyway, I have found transposals for nicknames and slogans of 28 different states, or 29 if you treat Puerto Rico as a potential future US state.
Here are 6 transposals to replace 6 of his 11 transadditions.
Word Ways has previously published articles containing transposals and transadditions of the number names, the cardinals ZERO, ONE, TWO and so on.
In the November 2010 edition of Word Ways, I offered 100 transposals from the Dictionary of American Regional English (volumes I-IV, covering the letters A-Sk).