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Transpose brings that functionality to everyone, regardless of their skillset and knowledge.
Transpose said it is a new platform to enable users to design solutions matching their unique needs, and to leverage technologies, such as world-class text analytics, which were previously available only to large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
Member States were obliged to transpose this Directive by the beginning of 2013, but Cyprus has not notified the Commission of any measures it has taken to do so.
As the transpose of A satisfies elementary properties, the secondary transpose of A also satisfies the following properties:
Now place a check in the Transpose box at the bottom of the screen.
Transpose Music Rooms TJs, Newport ON A stage framed by photos of the greats to have graced this venue, the Transpose banquet of live music contained Welsh talent that will no doubt soon be wrestling for a share of framed wall space.
Those who travel the path of devotion tend to use the creative imagination to transpose the world of scripture to today's situation.
para]]"What excited us as investors is the huge opportunity for Transpose to completely change the status quo," said Chris DeVore, Founders' Co-op.
The Commission argued that Cyprus has failed to correctly transpose and apply the Free Movement Directive, under which, member states may require EU citizens to report their presence in their territory within a reasonable and non-discriminatory period of time and penalise non-compliance using "proportionate and non-discriminatory sanctions".
The European Commission decided Thursday to refer Cyprus to the European Court of Justice for its failure to transpose a directive on driving licence.
The Baptism Series, 2002-2004) transpose the camp, trashy aesthetic of Warhol's Superstars and especially Jack Smith from the '60s to the '90s without significant innovation.
Today, member states take on average nine-and-a-half months to transpose EU directives after the transposition deadline has expired.