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Failure to transpose and implement the directive leads to an inconsistent application of the rules across the EU with detrimental effects on road safety," it said.
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Today, the European Commission decided to refer Greece, Luxembourg and Romania to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to transpose into national law Directive 2012/34/EU establishing a single European railway area.
Transpose the instrumental part that distance down (or up if it is a soprano instrument).
The European Commission has decided to refer Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for failure to fully transpose European rules on rail safety.
Semerdzhiev subsequently made clear that he had filed his resignation over the delayed preparation and adoption of secondary legislation related to the Third Energy Liberalization Package, which caused the European Commission to refer Bulgaria to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to fully transpose the EU internal energy market rules.
On 26 April, the European Commission sent eight reasoned opinions to five member states for failure to transpose the directives on opening energy markets.
The Union therefore has to transpose them into its corpus of legislation.
The Commission sent a reasoned opinion against three member states who have failed to communicate the measures taken to transpose a Community directive on driving licences into national law.
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On imports of blood and blood components from third countries: Polish legislation does not transpose EU legislation requiring equivalent traceability and testing standards to those applicable to blood and blood components collected in the EU.