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In case of unsuitable veins or failure of previous AV fistulas, the choice of access is between transposed Brachio-basilic fistulae and prosthetic grafts.
No longer used as a nickname for Colorado, Silver State can be transposed to Valse Triste (Sad Waltz), which is a short orchestral work in waltz form by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, dating from 1904.
At the same time, the Commission is still analysing the measures notified by other member states, which have only partially transposed the directives, and will decide on further steps in the coming months.
For example, TWENTY ONE can be transposed to TEENY TOWN.
The Directive had to be transposed by the Member States by 5 December 2010.
For Bulgaria, for each partially transposed Directive, the Commission proposes a daily penalty of EUR 8448.
The EU Court of Justice condemned Spain on 16 November for not having transposed the Directive 2003/55/EC for the liberalisation of gas markets (Case C-357/05).
Fourteen have since transposed the directive, which creates a legal framework for environmental liability based on the polluter pays' principle, with the aim of preventing and remedying environmental damage.
Adopted before the 1998 Directive on the internal market for natural gas was passed, the German legislation transposed part of the Directive.
To date, Romania has only partially transposed the Electricity and Gas Directives.
After sending them reasoned opinions twice, in June 2010 and April 2011, the Commission brought actions before the Luxembourg-based court, on 27 October, because the three states have only partially transposed the 2006 directive, which should have been fully transposed by the end of 2009.
Italy has not correctly transposed the directive on the system for monitoring the traffic of ships in EU waters (Directive 2002/59/EC) which, among other provisions, obliges ships to make dangerous cargo to maritime authorities.