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Among their topics are the philosophy and practice of critical military history, living in molecular times, disaster feminism, the transpositional teratology of Rosi Braidotti, encountering the nomadic subject with a smile, nomadism and the passion of an encounter, on farming the liberal arts, and nomadic theory as an epistemology for transnational feminist history.
Before I explore Naude's transpositional animal representation, I begin my rumination on the figurative and figural representation of animal beings with an obscure but illustrative example of the interchangeability of figural and figurative (metaphoric) modes in the human reception of animal representation.
We hypothesised that there is no difference between excision with direct primary closure and local transpositional Modified Limberg's flap closure in the treatment of sacrococcygeal pilonidal disease as regards to post-operative complications.
The transpositional poem, sonnet or elegy, was to be a compte rendu of a picture or other work of art in which the poet-art critic, after a rapid but colorful evocation of the art object's plastic qualities, explicated its meaning in vivid and poetic terms.
Rather than developing rigorous analytical criteria based on, to name a few, interval cycles, transpositional and inversional symmetry, and referential collections, along with their subset structures, in order to dig more deeply into how Messiaen's modal and non-modal harmonies work, Dingle writes about triadic post-tonality in vague terms and offers, in the final analysis, trivial observations about the composer's harmonic practice.
Phylogeny and transpositional activity of Ty1- copia group retrotransposons in cereal genomes.
In this way, we can see that meaning, in Dante's text, is in large part dependent on these transpositional rhetorical devices: if Giovanna comes first and is associated with Giovanni, who also comes first, and if we recognize the husband in the wife, Giovanna as woman of Giovanni sheds light on the other relationship: that between Beatrice and the narrator or author.
(12) The speaker articulates the possibility of this transpositional move, however, with an awareness of its potential limitations, marked by the skeptical "[v]ielleicht." These images (Bilder), in turn, may be those of the visual arts or they may belong to verbal language.
This number of axes also alters the number of transpositional levels at which a hexachord is combinatorial with its transformations.
Here again the overall structure of the piece is obtained through the use of the traditional symmetry of a ternary form, in that the six-note collection appears at only one transpositional level in the outer parts of the scene (although, obviously, in all varied forms) while in the central section it is transposed to all the other levels of the chromatic scale.
Transpositional flaps are usually moved over normal skin to cover an adjacent area defect.

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