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In a transpositional exocentric compound, it is only the word class of the output compound that is not overt (Bauer 2010, 171).
For example, while Dingle mentions how certain tertian harmonies of mode three are related to the mode's "augmented-triad relationships," he does not delve into the structure of that mode (set class 9-12 [01245689T]), particularly with respect to its high degree of transpositional and inversional symmetry, or how this mode can be generated by three major-third interval cycles a half-step apart, all of which might frame a better understanding as to wbat drives the choice of modal sonorities.
Pea Ty1- copia group retrotransposons: transpositional activity and use as markers to study genetic diversity in Psidium.
This number of axes also alters the number of transpositional levels at which a hexachord is combinatorial with its transformations.
Here again the overall structure of the piece is obtained through the use of the traditional symmetry of a ternary form, in that the six-note collection appears at only one transpositional level in the outer parts of the scene (although, obviously, in all varied forms) while in the central section it is transposed to all the other levels of the chromatic scale.
Transpositional flaps are usually moved over normal skin to cover an adjacent area defect.
Dilworth further explains that the modes of being of these 'worlds' presuppose and exhibit "the contradictory identity of objectivity and subjectivity, indicating the respective places of object logic and transcendental logic in a transpositional structure that progressively unfolds its own "concrete logic" and its most adequate exemplification in the historical-existential world" (32).
The dominance of relative pitch encoding and transpositional invariance is universal across musical systems.
In Case 3, corneal defect was repaired with the rim of a corneoscleral button, and a transpositional rotating conjunctival flap from the superomedial healthy conjunctiva was utilized for the closure of necrotizing scleritis area.
In a retrospective study of 53 patients, Guntinas-Lichius et al found no significant difference in facial function between patients who had undergone facial nerve interpositional grafts, facial nerve-facial nerve grafts, and hypoglossal nerve-facial nerve transpositional grafts.
Transpositional amalgams and recompositions are integral [.
Modelling transpositional invariancy of melody recognition with an attractor neural network.

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